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The Smuggler

Inspired by True Events



The principal worldwide settings include war-torn Afghanistan, a small fishing village in Alaska and a small village in Vietnam.

A group of freedom-loving social workers/missionaries have been laboring to provide support and aid to a small village located in northeast Vietnam. Without warning or provocation, a force of mercenaries arrive in military vehicles armed with assault weapons and threats of violence and terror.


The viciousness, chaos and mayhem that follows mirrors the centuries-old tyrannical oppression and suffering inflicted on the defenseless and poverty-stricken members of a society by the powerful and brutal forces motivated by the quest for wealth, power and control.


The message the film delivers is both timeless and timely.


The message is timeless because the forces of good and evil have been in a fierce, take-no-prisoners battle for the hearts, minds and souls of mankind since the dawn of time.


The story is also particularly timely. The peoples of our nation are now acutely aware of the gradual loss of the inalienable rights identified and codified in our founding documents. There is a palpable and growing sense of urgency about rediscovering and reasserting the freedoms promised in the Declaration of Independence and ratified in the Constitution. These revered documents draw heavily from the Judeo-Christian belief system that shaped the development of western civilization.

This title is slated to be a three act film highlighted by strong character development, action, adventure, drama and themes of redemption and restoration.

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