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Our Story

Although StoryTeller Film Company was incorporated in late 2019, the foundations started being laid long before then. I remember clearly in 2015, I was sitting in my home in central New Jersey mulling over an idea. I had been acting for several years and I just couldn't connect with the auditions I was receiving. I was auditioning for secular and christian films at the time and each one of them had their merit but they were completely different. The secular films were pretty well written and creative but they were riddled with sex, drugs, violence and a whole lotta gratuitous language. The christian films were cleaner of course but almost comically so. They didn't show a realistic picture of our everyday lives. They got their message across but usually with a major sacrifice in quality, writing and creativity. Both sectors painted a picture that wasn't relatable. I know they both have their own audience and I understand that very clearly but what about the people who want both. Can you create a film that has a solid moral message of redemption and restoration while also having blockbuster action sequences, well choreographed fight scenes and A list acting? Well, I believed the answer was a resounding yes... So I started writing and in two weeks I had my first feature film. This film was designed for all people. There was action, romance, quality character development and themes of redemption and restoration that could inspire anyone to look within themselves to something much deeper. The disconnect between the two worlds has to be broken and StoryTeller is here to start that movement. To bring the world something it has rarely seen before. It's time to have your cake and eat it too.

meet the team

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Travis Conover

Travis Conover began his entertainment career traveling the country with Team Pil-Sung, the performance Martial Arts Team form Albany NY. After building a name for himself in the Martial Arts world Travis was asked to star in his first short film "Martial". Since 2010 Travis has produced or acted in hundreds of hours of entertainment by way of commercials, T.V. Shows, Web Series, YouTube, Twitch TV, off Broadway shows and Feature Films. In 2013 Travis and Jim Mosso created C&M Entertainment which has evolved into the, now, StoryTeller Film Company.

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